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Corepro Solutions Products

  • Wholesale banking business solutions

  • Interest rate swap and Derivatives

  • F/X and Currency swap solutions

  • Corporate loan and syndicated lending

  • Investment Securities

  • Money Market solutions

  • General affairs solutions

  • Management information solutions

  • General accounting solutions

          CorePro Regulatory reporting system

  • COREP Reporting system

  • FINREP Reporting system

  • PRA 110 Cash flow system

  • Bank of England statistical returns

  • PRA Branch Return

  • FCA Returns

  • SCV File System

Consultation services for banking business accounting practice is also provided as well as Regulatory report consultations

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Students Typing at Their Computer

Regulatory Reporting Overview

Startup Development Team


Web Consultation

CRD IV: COREP Solution

Image by Scott Webb

Bank of England (BOE) Reporting

CorePro International Banking System

People Walking

CRD IV: Large Exposures Solution

Office Space

CRD IV: Liquidity Solution

CRD IV: NSFR Solution

Networking Event

PRA Pillar II PRA110 Solution

Startup Team

PRA Branch Return Solution

Services : Services
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