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Bank of England (BOE) Reporting

Since 1997 CorePro’s statistical reporting has been recognised by the Bank of England, their solutions ensure that users have control over complex reports. Users have access to CorePro’s Parametrised Business Rules creating specific mapping logic to meet requirements quickly. Due to changes to BOE requirements CorePro monitors changes to requirements and their solutions has the necessary updates. Having a single platform model ensures solutions to be used for all regulatory requirements, reducing expenses.

CorePro’s BOE Reporting Solution Offers:

  • Through a single platform format, the solution can be used for statistical submission but also alternative reporting requirements

  • Full Automatic Reporting

  • Full audit trail

  • Comparison with previous reporting

  • Reporting and audit trail with logging

  • Data analysis and what-if function

  • Full OSCA and XML & XBRL Support

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Bank of England (BOE) Reporting: Services
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